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Frequently Asked Questions

The Segway® "Personal Transporter" (PT for short)

  + What is a  PT?

The PT is a 2 wheeled, self-balancing, battery-powered transportation device designed to be ridden by one person. To move forward, you simply lean forward and to stop you simply lean backward. The  PT turns left and right by tilting the steering column in the direction you want to turn.

So to recap:
Lean forward to move forward.
Lean backward to stop or roll backward.
Tilt the steering column left to turn left.
Tilt the steering column right to turn right.

The Segway PT debuted in 2001 by its inventor Dean Kamen.

  + How does the PT stay upright?

Five (5) onboard sensors (gyros) and two accelerometers sense the angle of the unit with respect to gravity and sends this information 100 times per second to its microprocessors. This keeps the Segway PT in balance.

  + Is the PT difficult to ride?

Not at all. Most people become confident Gliders within 5 to 10 minutes. Riding a PT is very similar to skiing or riding a horse but much easier and faster to learn.

  + How fast and far will a PT go?

The PT has a maximum speed of 12.5 mph (20.11 kph) and can travel a distance of 24 miles on a single battery charge depending on terrain and payload weight.

  + Is there a maximum or minimum weight limit?

Yes The PT has a load restriction weight of 100 to 260 pounds. If the rider is below the minimum 100 pound weight limit, the rider may not be able to shift his/her weight far enough to safely control the PT. The maximum 260 pound weight limit is to protect the structural integrity of the PT.

  + Can I buy a PT from Dallas Segway Tours?

We do not sell new PTs. However, from time to time we will on occasion have a used PT unit for sale. For new PT sales, please visit www.TexasSegway.com or www.Segway.com

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  + Is there a minimum or maximum age limit?

The minimum age to ride a PT in Dallas is 14. (NO EXCEPTIONS) Riders under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian co-sign the Release of Liability Waiver.

Our recommended maximum age is 70. It is noted that many riders in their 70's and older can have difficulty maneuvering the PT. We strongly recommend people of this age group consider their activity level, stamina, and sense of balance before considering a PT tour.

  + What is the minimum and maximum weight limit?

The PT has a load restriction weight of 100 to 260 pounds. If
the rider is below the minimum 100 pound weight limit, the rider may not be able to shift his/her weight far enough to safely control the PT. The maximum 260 pound weight limit is to protect the structural integrity of the PT.

  + Must I wear a helmet?

All riders are required to wear a helmet at all times and a helmet is provided to you at no additional charge. However you may bring your own CPSC approved bicycle or motorcycle helmet if you prefer.

  + What type of shoes do I need?

Riders must wear flat-bottom close-toed shoes. Because you will be standing for a long period of time, we recommend you wear comfortable tennis shoes. For your safety, High heels, flip-flops, open toed, and Rocker shoes are not permitted.

  + Can I bring a backpack or large purse?

For your safety we do not permit backpacks or carrying large purses or handbags while on the PT.

  + Can I take a tour while pregnant?

Congratulations! However, safety is our #1 concern and for obvious reasons, women are not permitted to glide while pregnant.

  + Are reservation required?

Tours can book out quickly and to ensure you will have a PT to ride, a reservation is required. Our reservationists will require credit card information to hold your spot  but your card will not be charged until the day of your tour.

  + Can I cancel or change the number of riders in my party?

A reservation may be cancelled or changed up to 48 hours prior your scheduled tour. Reservations are NON REFUNDABLE inside the 48 hour window of your scheduled tour. Reservations are NON REFUNDABLE for no-shows.

  + Where and what time do I arrive?

Tours begin and end at 1800 N. Market St. 75202 directly across the street from Spaghetti Warehouse restaurant in the Dallas West End Historic District. Arrival time must be no later than 20 minutes before your scheduled tour. This allows time for paperwork, payment, and fitting of helmets. Read more on driving directions and parking information here.

10:00am scheduled tour / Arrival time 9:40am
1:30pm scheduled tour / Arrival time 1:10pm
3:30pm scheduled tour / Arrival time 3:10pm

  + Where do I park?

Parking is plentiful in the area with the West End Parking Garage only one quarter block away and a large parking lot adjacent Spaghetti Warehouse restaurant. Each range in price  from $6.00 to $8.00 on average for a full day. Street metered parking is also available at $1.00 per hour. Both lot and street parking is heavily enforced in downtown Dallas so be sure to pay before you play. See a parking map and read more information on parking options here.

  + How long does a tour last?

Each PT experience runs 1.5 hours in duration and cover over 4.5 miles. This 90 minutes includes driving lesson and tour. Your actual tour time may vary slightly depending on group size, automobile traffic, pedestrian traffic, and weather conditions.

  + What about inclement weather?

A light rain or drizzle will normally not affect our tours. However if lightning, heavy rain, high winds, bitter cold, or high heat is present or in the forecast, we may find it necessary to re-schedule or cancel your tour. In cases such as these we simply do not run your credit card and you will not be charged. Each tour guide carries with them lightweight Poncho's which are provided at no charge should it begin raining while on tour.

  + Will we go inside the museums?

We do not go inside the museums but we do stop and explain what each are about.

  + Are there scheduled restroom breaks?

Restroom breaks are not scheduled stops on our tours. However should the need arise, there are many restrooms on our Dealey Plaza tour to stop at. Please note that on the Katy Trail Nature Glide, this is not the case. To put it bluntly, you may be directed to a tall bush.

  + When will my photos be posted?

Photos are posted on the evening of your tour by 9:00pm. Refer to your name badge for their location and should you have any difficulty locating or saving your photos, please contact us at 972-821-9054 or 800-880-2336. We will be happy to assist.

  + Do you offer night tours?

Though some companies do offer night tours, we do not. Your safety is our priority and in our opinion riding after dark with only a few minutes on a PT for the 1st time can easily lead to an unhealthy situation.

  + What is an appropriate guide gratuity?

Like others in the service industry, tour guides make most of their income through tips. In Dallas an appropriate tip for good service in 2010 is between 15% and 20%.


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